Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I watch Tsunami on Roku?

You will need a Roku or your TV will need the Roku app.

Once in Roku, click Search on the side menu and type in: Tsunami Volleyball Club.

Once the channel is added, use your login information for this site.

If you do not have a login, you will need to sign up for an account by clicking Sign-Up! in the menu above.

For a step-by-step guide on how to find and use Tsunami's Roku Channel, click here.

All plans have access to 1 Roku channel as their watching device (this includes any Family Plan). If 2 people wish to watch the vidoes on a Roku, they must purchase 2 separate plans.

How do I make a highlight video?

Here are the Steps: Watch > Create Highlight > Select Date > Select Time > Select Camera (court) > Find Video Start and Ending times (00:23:25 and 00:23:35 for a 10 second clip, for example. Make sure to enter "00" if there is no hour time needed) > Enter Title > Enter Description (optional) > Click Create Highlight

You can continue to make more highlights or to see the highlights made, click Watch > My Highlights/Profile

How do I download my highlights?

Watch > My Highlights/Profile > Look for the desired highlight clip > Click "Download"

What is the maximum time limit on a downloaded highlight clip?

You can download up to an hour (60 min.) of a video clip.

How do I delete my video highlight clips?

Click on the red “X” underneath the highlight clip that you would like to delete.

How do I cancel my account?

Login to your account. My Account > My Account > Click "Cancel Subscription". Account will be automatically deactivated and all video content will be deleted from "My Highlights/Profile".

When do I need to cancel my account so I'm not charged again?

You can cancel at anytime. You must cancel the day before your renewal date in order not to be changed again. Note: due to high volume, refunds will not be given, therefore it is up to the customer to know their renewal date and cancel before that date.

What if I don't know what court I was on?

Please contact someone at Tsunami for that answer.

What if the stream isn't clear?

Each camera stream (channel) needs a private Wifi or needs to run off of 5G on a phone. Please check your connection. All cameras have been tested to function perfectly, given these settings.

How many days can I watch and download the video footage?

You have 14 days to watch all recorded and live content in your monthly/yearly subscription.

Hi! I'm interested in becoming a client of Teal Balloon! Who do I contact?

Please fill out this questionnaire and we will be in contact with you:

What if I have more questions?

Please contact for any additional questions.

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